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I’m Karolina Kania

_I am a Polish Design Anthropologist and UX Researcher living in Prague. I have been involved in qualitative research for ten years. I hold a PhD in Ethnology and Social Anthropology from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris.

_Currently I am working as an Innovation Research Lead at Creative Dock in Prague, Czech Republic. I am also a Lecturer at Prague University of Economics and Business (I deliver UX Research course to graduate students).

_I have experience in project management, workshop design and facilitation, marketing and PR.

_I am a storyteller with an eye for identifying and explaining the important detail from a mass of unstructured data. I am passionate about understanding and designing thoughtful user experiences. I am also an inquisitive thinker, equally curious about human behaviour and how organizations can succeed by understanding it better.

Let's get to know each other!
Karolina Kania
Photo by Mikołaj Góralik




PSL Research University

2015-2018 | Paris (FR)

✏ Since 2014, I conduct anthropological research based on ethnographic fieldwork in New Caledonia;

✏ I am interested in anthropology of tourism and politics and consider tourism as a lense for analysis of socio-cultural relations in micro-island scale;

✏ In my ethnographic work I use a set of qualitative methods that focus on the observation of social practices and interactions related to conflicts in tourism development;

✏ I have experience in identification of research questions, determination of locations for research, observation and participation, In-Depth Interview, as well as in collection of archival data.

Social Media Manager

Film Festival Cinema on the Border

2019 | Cieszyn (PL) / Český Těšín (CZ)

✏ I worked as a Social Mendia Menager for 21st edition of Cinema on the Border Film Festival;

✏ I managed social media marketing throughout day-to-day activities on Facebook and Instagram;

✏ I deliberated planning, strategy and goal setting and was responsible for content management, such as Social Media and blog relevant, original, high-quality posts, and six VLOGs;

I implemented a content editorial calendar in order to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns (before and during festival);

✏ If you are interested, ask me for a full report of my Social Media Manager work!

TV Producer and Coordinator

Film Festival Cinema on the Border

2011-2019 | Cieszyn (PL) / Český Těšín (CZ)

✏ I was a producer and coordinator of TV KnG/KnH during seven editions of Cinema on the Border Film Festival in Cieszyn / Český Těšín;

✏ I was responsible for project coordination, team management, supervision of the post-production process, as well as for interviews with the guests;

✏ Video materials of TV KnG/KnH were presented on festival's profiles on Facebook and YouTube.

Trainer in soft skills

AFS Intercultural Programs

2012-today | Worldwide

✏ As an AFS Intercultural Programs returnee and then volunteer, I gained new skills related to trainers experience;

✏ In 2013 I became a certified Trainer of intercultural education and member of EFIL European Pool of Trainers;

✏ I have experience in both session design and workshop facilitation;

✏ I've delivered numerous workshops and trainings among others in Czech Republic, France, Iceland and Poland.

Program Coordinator

AFS Poland

2015-2016 | Kraków (PL)

✏ Employed in the International Project Office of the Father Siemaszko Foundation I was a Program Coordinator of AFS Poland hosting programs;

AFS Poland is the Polish partner of an international, volunteer-driven, non-profit organisation that creates social impact through student mobility and intercultural experiences.

✏ I was responsible for administering AFS' inbound programs, ensuring that participants, host families, volunteers and AFS partners experience high quality service;

✏ I worked closely with other members of AFS Poland Team and communicated regularly with volunteers and host families in Poland as well as AFS staff in other countries worldwide on a range of promotion, support and program administration matters.

Project Coordinator

Various institutions


So far I have co-organized numerous projects on local, national and international level, such as:

✏ in progress_Why the World Needs Anthropologists: Mobilizing the Planet – Finance Lead;

✏ 2014_The Centennial and World Congress of AFS Intercultural Programs – Support Team;

✏ 2012-2014_ECTP Camp – Support and Trainers' Teams;

✏ 2012_The 1st edition of Ethnology without borders (the 8th edition took place in Nitra, Slovakia in November 2019) – Event Coordinator and Project Coordinator of the Visegrad Grant;

✏ 2010-2013_Numerous students events such as Juwenalia, Watch Docs Film Festival, local and national conferences.

Personal Assistant


2015 | Paris (FR)

✏ Providing educational support and related services to Ethnology and Social Anthropology student with brain-related disorder.

Project Assistant

The Multicultural Center Prague

2013 | Praha (CZ)

✏ Participating in workshops on intercultural education for high school students in Czech Republic within « Stereotýpek v nás » program;

✏ Participating in different training events.




✏ For almost 8 years I have been writing a blog EthnoPassion about my trips and travels, mostly about city-breaks in Europe and my ethnological fieldwork in South Pacfic;

✏ EthnoPassion was made out of pure passion for conscious traveling, learning different cultures, people and sharing my intercultural experience.

I have cooperated with various organizations and brands by preparing different type of content – articles with product placement, contests and presentations;

✏ Thanks to blogging I get technical knowledge (basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS), SEO and marketing skilss, I also constantly improve my writing skills.


Various institutions


✏ As a PhD Candidate at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris, I got teaching & lecturing experience;

✏ Lectures I gave were among others on the ethnographic methods of research, my field work in New Caledonia and space management on customary lands in Melanesia;

✏ I delivered lectures at EHESS in Paris, at Charles University in Prague, at University of Warsaw and University of Silesia in Katowice. I also presented my research during international conferences;

I regularly perform at various festivals, mostly travel events. You can watch one of my performances in the Wrocław Opera during Wachlarz Festival organized by Outriders.

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